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Mold shop

Manufacturing equipment:

Our mold seiko workshop was equipped with more than 10 sets of world advanced seiko CNC machine tools and other mold manufacturing equipment, which is capable of independent manufacturing and modification of various molds;

Injection molding workshop has 42 sets of world-advanced large injection molding machine. So large plastic parts are all completed by the company's internal production;

Metal parts processing workshop was equipped with 16 sets of large-scale metal cutting machines, 12 sets of pipe bending machines and 50 sets of stamping machines;

Welding workshop has 42 sets of automatic welding manipulator;

Coating workshop is equipped with coating metal surface treatment, electrostatic spraying, baking oven, hanging assembly line and other integrated process equipment;

Assembly workshop has 9 assembly lines of fitness bike and 3 assembly lines of treadmill;