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Company Profile

Zhe Jiang Arcanapower Health Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the contemporary China's most dynamic economy hundred counties - Ningbo Cixi City, covers an area of 100 acres. The world's longest cross-sea bridge - the channel diameter door Hangzhou Bay Bridge and over. 30 km from the Beilun port, 40 km Ningbo Airport.
Changlong predecessor company was founded in 1998, is a professional production of high-grade indoor fitness equipment and accessories production base, with an annual output of 600,000 units into a car, the plastic hardware accessories 700,000 units, with the most advanced automatic welding machines, 5S line, machining centers and other production equipment and all kinds of tension, torsion and other detection equipment. More than 1,000 employees, of whom have secondary or higher staff accounted for 25%, management, technical staff of more than 200 people.
Since its founding, innovation, use of advanced management concepts, the introduction of modern management techniques, improve rules and regulations, improve the management mechanism. It has passed ISO9001: 2008, SA8000 and other international certification and CE · GS and other product certification. Has worked with well-known companies in many countries, management practices, increasingly strong core competitiveness, development, production, quality management are the guests get a world-class brand recognition. Products 30% annual increase rate of exports to the US, Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, more than twenty countries and regions.
"Mysterious force" people to heritage for the benefit of human health as their responsibility to provide "individualized, personalized service, high-quality products" for the purpose; company keep its "stubborn spirit, unity and innovation, the pursuit of excellence, customer-oriented, service-oriented, quality-oriented "business philosophy; adhere to the" people-oriented "development strategy. Re-grasping the quality of products, the creation of brand, stresses integrity services, image building; re-grasping internal management, innovation, promote team spirit, the company has grown in strength, prosperity, health and happiness for the consumers sent.
Mysterious force people through their own efforts, has accumulated experience of development, with their own integrity and pragmatic pioneering spirit, hold up the "mysterious force" healthy, progressive environmental green development platform, standing in the industry in Britain, human health Shinkansen on designated under an indelible mark. For every partner to build a solid bridge profitable, laying out unlimited broad space for development. Let us join hands "mysterious force" set sail with horn sounded convinced that, for human health and strive!